USDA Warns Not to Purchase this Ready-to-Eat Chicken Breast—Wayne Farms Recall

The technology that the public sees today gives them access to gourmet foods and products with some nutritional value at a low expense and faster preparation. Some even have ready-to-eat packages to help them save time but also get a hearty meal out of it. 

However, not all that comes to the market are safe and cleared by the USDA, as some foods pass the inspection but are not safe for consumption. It is the case with Wayne Farms’ ready-to-eat chicken breasts that were recalled as the company discovered them to be undercooked. 

USDA Warns of Wayne Farm’s Ready-to-Eat Chicken Breasts

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The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Safety Inspection Service warned against the undercooked chicken breasts from Wayne Farm’s ready-to-eat meal packs. The agency said that the company had already handled the issue and is working on ways to retrieve these food packs for disposal. 

These chicken breast meals will no longer be applicable for sale as they are undercooked and already placed in meal packs. Wayne Farms has to ensure that its subsequent batches will be in the proper temperature and prepared for public consumption before selling again. 

The country’s Food Safety agency recommends that poultry products have an internal temperature of 165 Fahrenheit to say that it is fully cooked and ready for consumption. 

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Wayne Farms Issues Recall for Undercooked Chicken Packs

Wayne Farms recalled more than 585,000 pounds of undercooked chicken breasts that came in their packs, and it is a significant recall for the company to save its reputation. One recall from the company resulted in another, and it began in April when a customer complained of undercooked chicken for a specific batch. 

Product and Food Recalls

Technology, beauty, and health products undergo rigorous inspection and accreditation that help in bringing public trust and confidence in these items for everyday consumption. However, some overlooked elements in the products get past review and release to the market, hence the product recalls. 

One of the latest health products that got a recall is an eye drop in Canada for its wrong labels, and it may be a cause of massive dispute as the company is directly related to health for the eyes. It is important to note that recalls are essential as they could be a life-or-death issue, being dangerous and toxic for some, and having different effects on people. 

There is even a case regarding Tastykake’s cupcakes that have metal fragment contamination, which is harmful to one’s health. 

One might think that this is only a Chicken breast, and some undercook the meat others have already consumed. However, it will have other effects on people with a weaker immune system that may subject them to salmonella and other problems that undercooked or raw food brings to them. 

The recall will help ensure that each piece of chicken they bring to their products will provide a safe and edible meal for the future. 

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