The sword of the corona virus pandemic started swinging on the White House after an employee tested positive for Covid-19 at two cafeterias frequently used by the White House staff. An administration official of the Trump government delivered the news in a public statement on Wednesday night.

The two cafeterias are housed in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and the New Executive Office Building, both being a part of the White House complex near the West Wing.

After conducting detailed study on the situation, the officials announced that there is no need to go for self quarantine as the men who have been tested positive were not allowed to confront the public. Further they said that, if any worker who feels any symptoms related to corona are advised to stay home. All these took place after Mr. Trump addressed the assembly for taking safety measures to control the deadly virus.

Mr.Trump resumed his work and started coming to White House after a break. In order to eliminate the entrance of coronavirus in the White House, all the officials as well as Donald Trump himself goes under Covid-19 test on a regular basis. Moreover, their assembly and conversations are covered by a group of journalists which also is one of the reasons to go under this testing procedure.

Despite taking so many safety measures, the officials were not able to keep the virus away from the assembly. In May, a military person and Katie Millar, the press secretary who were in connection with Mr.Trump turned out to be tested positive.