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How And Why To Get Canadian Citizenship

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Canada being a developed country attracts thousands of immigrants every year. The Canadian government under its current immigration plan also wants people to migrate to Canada to fill the critical labor market gaps as well as support the economy of the country. In its immigration levels plan for 2022 to 2024, Canada is looking to welcome 1 percent of immigrants concerning its population. It’s a great opportunity for those immigrants who are residing in Canada and want to become permanent citizens of this beautiful country.  

So if you too are looking to be Canadian citizenship then you have to first know the eligibility norms and how to clear the test. Getting this citizenship is not too difficult once you qualify for the criteria mentioned.


This criterion states that a person is eligible for citizenship if:-

  • They are a permanent resident of the country.
  • Out of 5 years, they should have lived in Canada for 3 years or 1095 days.
  • If applicable, taxes should be paid in full.
  • Pass an examination on the rights and responsibilities of being a Canadian citizen.

The Test

The Citizenship Canadian test is administered by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The test contains 20 questions that are either multiple choices or true and false types. It covers various topics like Canadian geography, history, economics, and the three levels of government, voting rules, the rights and responsibilities of a citizen, culture, symbols, and current events. The test is for 30 minutes and can be taken in English or French. To pass the test one needs to get 15 questions correct.

Study guides are provided by the IRCC but it is important to take practice tests during preparation to familiarize you.

Documents To Carry

  • While going for the test, you might need to carry certain important documents.
  • The notice that permits you to appear for the test.
  • Two personal identifications and one identification where your photograph and signature are present.
  • Your original passports and travel documents that are listed in the citizenship application.
  • If you were in the age group of 18-54 years, a degree or transcript proving your knowledge of English and French.


With Canadian Citizenship, one can avail of many benefits that they wouldn’t have been privy to previously.

  • For instance, certain government jobs require citizenship, especially those requiring specific security clearances. 
  • These people can so vote, playing an important part in the governance and running of the country.
  • Citizens can also run for political offices and represent issues faced by their communities on a national level.
  • The biggest benefit is that individuals would never lose their citizenship status. The rules that permanent residents need to abide by or risk deportation become nullified as a citizen. Citizenship is also thus indefinitely valid, unlike a permanent residency card that needs to be renewed every five years.

There is a lot more freedom that comes with being a citizen of a nation. Meeting the eligibility and qualifying the test is a minimum amount of effort that can easily be invested for such benefits.

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