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Why Are Commercial Induction Cooktops Replacing Gas Stoves?


For a long time, people have developed taste buds for eating outside. This has led to the evolution of some of the most popular food chains around the world. People still love eating at their favorite restaurant, resto-bar, hotel, takeaway, etc. This has made these places even more liable to provide the best food to their customers. Large stoves and cooktops have always been an inseparable part of these commercial kitchens as they help to cook food in bulk quickly and maintain the quality of the food.

Technology has brought a lot of changes in the commercial cooktops range and if you look at the trend most hotels and restaurants are following these days you would be surprised that commercial induction cooktops are now replacing traditional gas stoves. Today we will be evaluating why this is happening and what are its benefits to the commercial kitchens.

Usage of Energy: Well energy consumption is one part of a commercial kitchen that cannot be overlooked as it directly impacts the cost incurred on preparing food for the customer. It is quite evident that traditional gas stoves tend to consume a lot of gas and this leads to extra cost for the restaurant or the hotel. On the other hand, commercial induction cooktops are found to be more energy-efficient than their counterparts.  It has been found that commercial induction cooktops consume 51 percent less energy than a gas stove.

Heat Rate: When food gets cooked faster it saves time and also makes customers happy as they need not wait too long to satiate their hunger. The heat rate of commercial induction cooktops is way more than the traditional gas stove. Induction cooktops get heated very quickly and reduce the time by almost 25 percent in preparing a dish.

Safety: Commercial induction cookers run on electricity and there are lesser chances that they breakdown or injure the kitchen staff. On the other hand, gas stoves are always prone to gas leakage which we all know can prove very fatal for all the people working in the vicinity.

Temperature: Gas stoves are not very efficient at keeping the temperature of the kitchen at a moderate level. The flames of the gas stoves heat the kitchen and make it quite tough for the cook to stay cool and prepare food. On the other hand, induction cooktops don’t distribute heat beyond its boundary. This feature of the induction cooktops makes it easy for the cook to work in bearable temperatures in the kitchen.

Noise Level: A kitchen is a crowded place especially when there are cooks and helping staff discussing the orders to be prepared. Traditional gas stoves make a lot of noise and many a time makes it unmanageable to hear what kitchen staff is trying to communicate with the cooks. Commercial induction cooktops in this regard are very silent and make it very easy to listen and communicate. Induction cooktops are also ideal for kitchens operated on open streets. Induction cooktops noise level doesn’t rise beyond the recommended decibel level.  

Commercial induction cooktops are way better than traditional gas stoves in many ways and technological innovations are making them even better day by day. Commercial induction cooktops are the future of commercial kitchens.