“I’ll often say the risk of getting a blood clot with birth control pills is kind of similar to having a really serious reaction to penicillin,” mentioned Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, an obstetrician-gynecologist and the C.E.O. of Power to Decide, a gaggle dedicated to lowering unintended being pregnant. She incessantly discusses blood clot threat along with her sufferers, telling them the improve in threat and the general magnitude of that threat. Most sufferers, she mentioned, choose their type of contraception primarily based on different concerns.

Penicillin, a extensively used antibiotic, causes critical allergic reactions in between one and five patients for every 10,000 who take it.

For vaccines, nonetheless, the threshold for security is mostly greater than for different kinds of medicines. As many researchers have famous, Covid-19 places individuals susceptible to critical blood clots, too — far more so than any believable estimate of the vaccine impact. But not everybody who fails to get vaccinated goes to get sick.

“The disease you get by chance, and the vaccine you get by choice, and that’s what makes it harder,” mentioned Dr. Steven Black, an emeritus professor of pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, who research vaccine security.

For different vaccines, the threat of significant hostile occasions is far decrease than for contraception drugs or penicillin — they typically happen in fewer than 1 in 100,000 who obtain a given vaccine. That fee is “clearly much, much less than would be tolerated for a drug,” mentioned Dr. Nicola Klein, director of the Kaiser Permanente vaccine examine heart, who’s concerned in the Vaccine Safety Datalink examine.

Most different vaccines shield in opposition to ailments that are typically uncommon. By distinction, Covid-19 stays widespread all through the United States and plenty of elements of the world. Given the seriousness of the sickness and its ease of unfold, the worth of vaccination could also be greater now than it’s when such trade-offs are often thought of.

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