California, the state which took the most uncommon step towards controlling the spread of coronavirus by implementing complete lockdown in the state, has now become the central hub of coronavirus and has beaten the records of positive patients list of New York.

In March, complete lockdown was announced in the state and no one was allowed to move out of their home. It was made mandatory for citizens to carry masks when they step out.

In early March, the central hub of workers, i.e., Los Angeles sent all the workers back and declared work from home or off duty.

After a few months passed off, the work was revived again as it seemed that the state had taken over and controlled the outspread of this deadly virus. But this assumption was a great failure, and now coronavirus has reached every place and even villages in California.

Seeing the conditions, many businessmen came to help. Mr. Lee, a property owner involved in leasing out land to a hairstyling salon, didn’t charge any rent for the first three months when the havoc of coronavirus was at its peak. Mr. Lee could go back to his saloon in the starting of June, but customers were seen opposing it as they feared from getting infected from corona.

Even the workers of nursing homes are now fearing as they don’t want to risk their life. Ms. Christina Lockyer-White who is an assistant in a nursing home stated “It’s scary, nobody should have to go through or see what I experienced,” Further  she stated that “my results came negative this spring, and I don’t want again to get tested positive as my child will also get impacted with it”

The conditions in California are worsening with every passing day.